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Dulce will be a champion for women and for reproductive justice for all. In the Assembly, she will fight to protect access to safe, legal abortion care and other critical services like birth control and cancer screenings. And Dulce will ensure Planned Parenthood has the funds to provide these essential healthcare services to all Californians who need them.


Dulce will work tirelessly to keep our schools, churches, and communities safe from gun violence. She will fight to strengthen common-sense gun safety laws that keep illegal guns out of the hands of criminals, and she will work to invest in critical mental health services and declare gun violence a public health and safety crisis.


Dulce will work hard to deliver real solutions to the homeless crisis. She will cut red tape to build more affordable housing and provide more accountability for how we use resources for homelessness. And Dulce will advocate for more permanent supportive housing for the homeless with services like mental health, addiction treatment and job training so we can get the homeless permanently off the streets and back on their feet.


Dulce will tackle our state’s housing shortage by leading the fight to increase affordable housing and help communities of color to become homeowners and get a foothold in the middle class. She believes we need to do everything we can to build a lot more housing and will work to cut red-tape so it’s faster and cheaper to construct the housing we need to solve our affordability crisis. That’s why she’s supported by pro-housing advocates and organizations across

Los Angeles and California.


Dulce understands the moment we are in, with the cost of living going up while wages remain stagnant. That is why Dulce has stood in solidarity with striking workers who are calling for higher wages, stronger workers' rights and protections, and retirement security. Dulce is fighting for an economy that works for everyone, which is why she is endorsed by labor unions who represent tens of thousands of working families across Los Angeles.


The safety of our neighborhoods requires deep investments, but we need to reevaluate where we are making those investments. To create healthy, safe communities, we need increased investments in public health, mental health, education, and job creation. It is only with an intersectional and comprehensive plan that we can begin to heal and move forward together. And, we can’t talk about reimagining public safety without talking about police brutality, which has been going on for generations but is just seen now that we all carry cameras in our pockets. Let’s implement different methods of policing, so the appropriately trained—and in many cases, unarmed—person is the one who responds to calls for help. Many of the challenges our communities face can be solved by people trained to handle those issues, and not armed officers. 


With so much corruption in City Hall, including several local politicians being forced to resign recently, Dulce will crack down on government corruption. She understands that too many politicians in our community serve themselves and put their personal interests ahead of us, leading to our community suffering while they live lavish lives at our expense. Dulce will reform government by strengthening transparency laws to shine a light on corruption, and holding elected officials, lobbyists, and special interests accountable.


With extreme weather bringing damaging wildfires and storms to our communities, Dulce knows we need urgent action to address the growing climate catastrophe. Dulce will take on corporate polluters to give our communities the clean air and water we deserve. She will fight for bold action to combat climate change and support new investments in clean energy to reduce emissions and create good-paying local jobs.

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