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Before the pandemic began, Angelenos were already struggling to stay housed, struggling to keep their businesses afloat, and struggling to access healthcare and educational opportunities. We cannot go back to business as usual because that was not working for most Angelenos, particularly for many of us in Council District 9. 


Together, let’s create a new, better normal. 


We believe in the power of our community - that together, we can create a city where we can all thrive. We can innovate. We can transform. We just need leaders that embody our struggles. 


Our campaign is a reflection of the leader Dulce will be on City Council: we will energize, mobilize, and educate our community. Together, let’s build a campaign - a Los Angeles - that welcomes and works for everyone. It’s time to create a more liveable and equitable city for all Angelenos.

​Check out Dulce’s priorities below. Her pledge to listen to and connect with the community throughout the campaign, and once she is on the City Council, means that this page will evolve and grow. If you would like to connect with Dulce about issues that matter most to you and your family, fill out the form below. 

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Housing and Homelessness

Housing is a human right. Now is the time to protect current tenants from eviction, provide rental subsidies for those affected by the pandemic, and fiercely prevent more people from falling into homelessness. Plans to expedite affordable housing, transitional housing, and emergency shelters must be in place and acted upon urgently. Dulce will fight for resources to make this happen and help to provide project oversight so that they are completed quickly and efficiently.


Small Business Assistance

From tienditas to the frutas stand, small businesses are the backbone of our economy. And, they need our support now more than ever. Small businesses provide the vibrant landscape of foods, goods, and services that help our life function. Dulce will push for the focal point of the economic recovery plan to be helping small businesses, including direct ongoing assistance from the city, something that has been missing during the current COVID and economic crises.

Small Business


Los Angeles is known for its vast freeway system, one of which bisects Council District 9. Having different modes of transportation available, connected to housing and recreation, is critical in our effort to reduce our reliance on vehicles. Let’s create a transit plan centered around our shared vision for a livable city, which means a focus on buses, rail, building out bikeways and making our communities more walkable.


Education Equity and Access

Though the city doesn’t run the school system, it does partner with them on important programs that impact the lives of our kids, like workforce development and after school support. Additionally, our parks and recreation department could be playing a larger role to support our kids, especially during the COVID crisis to provide much needed accessible green space in areas of the city like Council District 9, which has very limited and, in some neighborhoods, no green space. Currently, almost all green space in our community is in our schools, and all of our schools are closed. Let’s open our school’s green space to provide more equitable recreational opportunities for kids and families. Additionally, the pandemic has shown the inequities in our education distribution and we need to urgently treat the internet as a public utility so that more communities impacted by the digital divide can access their classrooms and complete their work.


A Green New City

L.A.’s Green New Deal, launched by Mayor Garcetti in 2019, provides a bold action plan for the steps we need to take in order to ensure we’re building a greener, sustainable city for all Angelenos. How we act on climate change now will have an impact for generations to come, and we’re running out of time. Dulce will work to ensure the goals outlined in L.A.’s Green New Deal are met and focus on delivering the green jobs created by this effort to communities in Council District 9.

green new city

Reimagining Public Safety

The safety of our neighborhoods requires deep investments, but we need to reevaluate where we are making those investments. To create healthy, safe communities, we need increased investments in public health, mental health, education, and job creation. It is only with an intersectional and comprehensive plan that we can begin to heal and move forward together. And, we can’t talk about reimagining public safety without talking about police brutality, which has been going on for generations but is just seen now that we all carry cameras in our pockets. Let’s implement different methods of policing, so the appropriately trained—and in many cases, unarmed—person is the one who responds to calls for help. Many of the challenges our communities face can be solved by people trained to handle those issues, and not armed officers. 

public safety
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