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MEET Dulce 

Dulce’s story is not unlike many other immigrant stories across Los Angeles. She was born in Mexico and at a young age, her parents brought her to the U.S. for a chance at a better life. She spent her childhood cleaning mansions with her mother, a housekeeper, while her father worked in construction. She split the rest of her childhood between her studies and looking after her little brother—a responsibility many immigrant siblings share. She attended public schools that did not turn her away for being undocumented and even qualified for free and reduced breakfast and lunch.

As an educator, Dulce has made college more accessible to working families. She believes education is the key to unlocking opportunity and creating a brighter future for all Californians — as it did for her. In the Assembly, Dulce will work to increase funding for our public schools, and expand career-training, college readiness, and vocational education programs for local youth to help kids stay out of trouble and on the right path.

As a neighborhood councilmember, she stood up to City Hall and demanded action on our housing affordability crisis. Dulce is leading the fight to increase affordable housing and cut government red tape, so it’s faster and cheaper to construct the housing we need to solve our homelessness and housing crises. In the Legislature, she’ll continue working to end street encampments and connect people experiencing homelessness with permanent supportive housing with services like mental health, addiction treatment and job training.


Dulce is running to fight for our communities in the California Assembly. She knows that we need to build more housing, address LA’s affordability crisis, and create a pathway to home ownership so that working families can get a foothold in the middle class. We need to make the minimum wage a living wage and create good-paying union jobs. We need to protect access to safe, legal abortion and end gun violence in our communities. As an openly bi Latina immigrant, Dulce knows firsthand that we need to achieve full, lived equality for women, immigrants, LGBTQ+ people and communities of color.


In her spare time, Dulce loves to run, spend time with her husband and dogs, and cheer for Los Angeles Football Club.

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